Will you water my pizza, please?

Here we are in Croatia, after that really long ferry ride. Apparently, they haven’t had rain here since  April. They skies are completely covered by fog and clouds, but it still doesn’t rain. We stayed in a nice place for two days, that had pomegranate and lime trees (much to Janell’s excitement), and then took another ferry to an island called Korcula. Our house, which is on the ocean, also has lime, lemon, coconuts, and pomegranate trees. Willem and I played on the beach for a bit. There were these ants that loved to bite me, so I had to drown all of them in the ocean. Then we had to go shopping and go to dinner. We found a restaurant, and walked on a pathway right next to the water. When I got out of the car, I noticed a gash in the clouds that looked like a paper cut. It looked pretty cool, but, my dad said, it was the front of a HUGE storm. We watched it for a bit as it rapidly approached us. It reminded me of something you would see in a Harry Potter movie or something. We got to the restaurant and settled down. Then, it started pouring. there was a plastic sheen over where we were sitting, so we were ok; just a few drops got through. We played a game of cards, and also watched lighting and listened to the roaring thunder. Unfortunately, the food had to be carried though the rain to us, so my pizza was soggy. After a few minuets, the rain started falling even harder and the few drops turned into a waterfall. The waiters hurried us through the rain and we carried the stuff from our table. There weren’t enough tables inside, so we ate with some couple. The rain eventually stopped, so we went home and went to bed.