Here we are in Turnov, Czech Republic. The first day we were here, we went to a very special church, that wasn’t famous until in the 13th century, the abbot of Sedlec monastery came back from a trip to Palestine, and sprinkled some dirt in the cemetery outside of the church. Then everyone wanted to be buried there. Later ion the 17th century, the cemetery grew so over populated, that the skeletons were just stored in the church. A crazy monk came along, and decided to make things out of all of the bones in the church. Then an architect came and finished the job, so now the church is filled with amazing sculptures and designs.

For the rest of the day, we just relaxed, read, wondered the property we are staying on, or played with the cats that live here. Ones name is Doctor, and the other is Chief of the Village, and yes, the owners have little kids. Today, we drove out to a place that used to be all covered in water, so the massive boulders there are really neat. They are in a beautiful quiet forest, so it was a nice trip without tons of people. I found a nice big rock to climb and my dad got some good pictures. Afterwards, we went to a church on top of a cliff over looking a small town. We saw a ropes course on the way and had a blast climbing around high above the ground. We had dinner, then came home and played with the cats. Then I twisted my ankle pretty badly so that ended the day.