Early this morning (got up at 4:30am!) we left our home for our second game drive, this time at the Thornybush Game Reserve, Limpopo.  The reserve is adjacent to and included as a part of the Greater Kruger National Park with 10 000 hectares of African bushveld (this term refers to the wide open rural areas of Southern Africa).  The reserve is managed as an eco-tourism destination, and is funded via a number of fancy game lodges located within the Reserve, and tours such as the one we experienced.  Like the other reserves we’ve seen, the borders are fenced and patrolled by armed rangers to discourage poaching.

The reserve is aptly named as we were whipped with numerous thorny branches as our guide went off-roading through the brush.  The kids ducked and dove to the floor of the truck several times, and were questioning the sanity of the driver as he crashed through the brush and over small trees, but when we reached the densest area of the bushveld, we saw the lions!

So we topped off our ‘Big 5’ today, adding the Lion and Leopard to our list.  The leopard was difficult to see and photograph as he slinked? slank? slunk? (I need a grammar refresher), through the shadows. The lions couldn’t care less as we pulled within a few feet of them and just watched us watching them.

Enjoy a few of the snapshots from today’s drive:

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