there’s no place like…

..home? but where is home? I was born in Kansas, my parents live Kansas, and Kansas is where our travels have taken us for now. My dad has a weak heart. He is otherwise a healthy man of 83 years. Rather than travel to Bali as planned, the boys and I headed back to the states from New Zealand. Below are pictures of where we would be in Bali. It’s the perfect place to dream about going to someday.


In the meantime, we are in Kansas spending time with my parents. There was snow here when we arrived. We flew into Seattle and stayed with Kevin’s mom, Janet, for a few days. I had some warm clothes stashed at her place and she took excellent care of us.

My friends Amy + Sean live here too. They have two girls, Emerson who is Aidan’s age and Avery who is Willem’s age. On Friday, Willem had he’s first day of fourth grade. He’s in the same class as Avery and so far he loves it here and doesn’t want to leave. For now we don’t have any plans other than to enjoy the time we have here. Kevin will be heading back to Seattle at the end of the month. The boys are signed up to go back to their schools in Seattle. That’s all I know!

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