The peasants are revolting

We’ve seen signs advertising the general strikes this week and today is the first day we should see the action in Athens.  In fact, we may have troubles getting out of here by air on Wednesday.  I’ll post any good pictures we get of the protests today.  We’re bound to see something interesting.

Here’s what we are in for:

“Commuters face a hellish week of trying to get to work or wherever they need to go. Most public transit, on a staggered basis, will be shut Nov. 5-7, including the metro, buses, taxis, trams, trolleys, trains, ferry boats and air traffic controllers at Athens’ international airport said they will also conduct work stoppages.”

“Greece’s powerful main public and private sector unions will launch a 48 hour strike against the legislation on Tuesday and plan marches in Athens’ city centre. Journalists, doctors, transport workers and shopkeepers are also planning stoppages.”