The Flight from Rome to Athens

When we got our luggage we dragged our bags to the train station platform #25 because that was what their website said. We waited there for about ten minutes then figured out that we had to be at platform #24 we scurried down to the readied train doors that had just closed and we had to wait 16 minutes for another train to arrive. We got on the train as a man in a green jumpsuit gathered gross trash. I read on the 30-minute train ride, as we got off people shoved and pushed to get in the airport and I just stood there and finally clambered into the giant room.

We pulled our suitcases up the escalator to the check in and drop off we waited in that line for about 40 minutes and moved on to the next place: THE SECURITY. Surprisingly the line wasn’t long and took about 5 minutes. we finally got to the boarding area and read for 10 minutes then boarded and sat for 10 minutes then drove for 10 minutes while reading and then 10 minutes later we turned off our kindles and took off and then read for 2 hours. Whew.  We got off at 9:30pm, took a 20 minute taxi ride than got us to our destination. That probably all took 131 minutes. Now we are in Athens.