Art and Architecture in Venice

We drug the kids (no, it’s not what that sounds like) around to a few art museums and an architecture exhibit over the past few days.  Lot’s of choices to enjoy the arts in this beautiful city, but here’s a sampling of things we’ve done so far (the post seemed too long for the main page).

The 13th International Architecture Biennale Exhibition includes displays of architecture from around the world.  The venue, known as the Venice Biennale dates back from 1895, when the first International Art Exhibition was held.  Since then, the exhibitions have been expanded to include music, cinema, theatre, and most recently architecture.  Many nations have permanent exhibition buildings (similar to the World Fair pavilions) and there are temporary exhibits through the city.  This biennial was organized around the theme of “common ground,” and while the focus of the exhibits was how architecture brings people and ideas together, they ranged from very conceptual displays to building mock-ups you see in many architecture offices.  Here are scenes from our visit:

[I lost my head over the one above]

We also made it to the Palazzo Grassi overlooking the Grand Canal.  We saw a variety of multimedia/cinema presentations – some of which were over our heads.  We made a stop to see the Peggy Guggenheim Collection; a wonderful collection of modern art.  Calder, Pollack, and many others.  Some of are [ed. note: ack!] favorites are below (Willem’s favorite sculpture is the granite block with the two concave shapes).

[Calder earrings given by the artist to Peggy G.]

[The pink dog is from the Grassi]

I also saw some interesting sculpture in a private hotel garden… I’m not sure I was supposed to be there, but I ended up getting my first haircut of the trip on the grounds; see below.

Great fun and we’re lucky the kids are interested enough to let us get to see some of these sites.

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