Here in Budapest, we seem to plan our days around meals.  We’re eating breakfast at home most days (after one chocolate croissant breakfast out) and working on homework.  By the time we’re on our way out the door, it’s time to plan for lunch.  After resting after lunch, and maybe grabbing an ice cream or lemonade to help cool off, it’s time to start planning on dinner. 

Today, August 20th, Hungary celebrates St. Stephen’s Day and the founding of the Hungarian state over 1,000 years ago.  St. Stephen was the king who, simultaneously with the establishment of a formal state structure, also organized the Christian church in Hungary.  It is also a celebration of the pre-Christian harvest holiday of “new bread.”  There is an air and water show at 10:00AM (which will get us out of the house earlier than normal) and other festivities throughout the day.

Farmer’s market yesterday:

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