arrivederci venezia

Saturday we left Venice and drove to Antibes, France.  We love it here! Just around the corner is the most amazing market.  Our townhouse is beautiful — filled with light, great art, and views of Cap d’Antibes across the water.

It is a contrast from our stay in Venice where the weather was reminiscent of foggy, grey, wet Seattle.  Our apartment was cozy but dark.

Venice is an amazing place.  Living there would not be easy — always difficult to navigate; hot, crowded, mosquito-invested, and rank in the summer months; damp, foggy, flooding, and chilly in the winter months.  Yet here is an undeniable romantic mysticism and such ornate opulence!

St. Mark’s Basilica from the outside enchanted and overwhelmed us.  I’m sure the boys would have enjoyed the armory and prisons of the Doge’s Palace if we had gone inside.  Willem absolutely balked at entering Ca’ d’Oro.  He had already endured our visits to the modern Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Palazzo Grassi, and many exhibits of the Architecture Biennale at that point.

If we had more time, I think we would have enjoyed seeing the colorful island of Burano , Glass in Action at the Abate Zanetti Glass School in Murano, and the Natural History Museum.

If we had more time and loads of money, I would love to luxuriate at the Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa on Giudecca Island.  I had just a taste of its beauty to fuel my fantasies as I wandered around its beautifully scented lobby and gardens.


photos credits: Antibes townhouse + Baurer Palladio photos from their sites, Burano Island by LaurieA

Bracciano, Italy

We’re staying in a rural area about an hour northwest of Rome for a few days and then we stay in Rome for a couple of days.

Janell has worked out the details of the next three months for us:  Athens, Turkey, Israel, Cairo, Dubai and then to South Africa for a long stay (couple of different places). This planning takes us through February 9.  Not having good access to an Internet connection on our recent cruise, nor at the house we’re in now, has been very inconvenient.  After morning homework, we’ve spent most of the last 2 days at a restaurant in Bracciano, Italy working on these plans, paying bills, doing international wire transfers and responding to e-mail.  The kids are pretty impatient with all this, but we’ve got a lot done.

Hoping to get out of here in a few minutes to see the big castle on the outskirts of town.  Apparently Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married here in 2006… so how could we miss it.