Slovakian Waterpark!

We recently went to Poprad, Slovakia, where there is a really nice water park called Aqua City, that had a hotel that we stayed at for one night. It is rated one of the worlds greenest water parks, because all of the water is naturally heated. There is six slides, and six pools. Two of the slides are really fun, especially at night. At night, there isn’t any life guards, so you can go two at a time, and one is pitch black, and in the middle there’s a ton of really cool lights inside. The other goes super fast and there’s tons of drops and sharp turns, but it’s over in about ten seconds. They had a laser show in one of the indoor pools. The lasers made water that fell from the ceiling look colorful, and they had different clips from movies. Willem and I did all of the things at the water park in the short time we were there, and had a lot of fun.