We just left Prague a few days ago, I would’ve posted earlier, but where we are now, the power goes off sometimes. The first day there, we wandered about the city, and saw some castles, churches, and we also went to a Jewish cemetery that was extremely crammed; the headstones were almost all touching each other. When the bodies were buried, they had to be upright to save room. We had dinner at a very nice restaurant with a bunch of beta fish on the tables. All of the restaurants we went to in Prague were very good and each had something unique about them. One was a barge, and another had huge chunks of meat hanging around. Once, we went to a castle with guards that stood at each gate. They were the guys that don’t move. The ones at the main gate were better than guards at other gates, because Willem waved to one and he smiled. There were some interesting things around there. There was a medieval jail, with a torture chamber with some really scary items. They had a pit that they would drop prisoners in, and there was no way out, so they would rot. We saw skeletons at the bottom. There was also two churches that were really pretty. One had amazing stained glass, and tombs of saints. One tomb had one ton of pure silver decoration! The other church had a ceiling with fancy deigns in the beams.

Vladislav Hall

Designs on the ceiling.







It had a separate room, that was way up high, where they would defenestrate bad people. The dictionary definition of defenestrate is: the action of throwing someone out of a window. There is a famous story of two nobles, William Slavata and Jaroslav Martinic, who were tried and found guilty of violating the Letter of Majesty. Their punishment: defenestration. So they were tossed out of a window, that I got to  lean my head out of, and they lived! They had landed in a pile of horse manure.