Out of Africa

We’ve in Sydney, Australia now – will be here for a week.  Even after our second night’s “sleep”, we’re still jet lagged and we’ve had some Internet troubles (again), so while Janell has written a nice long post, this one made it on the site first.

My initial impression of Australia?  Sticker shock!  After really appreciating the inexpensive costs of dining in South Africa, the restaurant prices here are a slap in the face.  Our first night out at a nearby casual Italian restaurant hit us with a bill for over $100 (USD).  In Noordhoek/Cape Town, this would have been about $40 (USD).  After a few experiences like this, I went back to look at the conversion between U.S. and Australian dollars to see if I had figured it out correctly… I had.  This site shows cost of living comparisons between different cities and countries and after exploring it a bit, it seems like Australia may be one of the more expensive stops on our trip.  I think I’ll be eating a lot of Top Ramen.