Orange Man with Black Socks.

Yesterday, we went on a four hour biking tour around Krakow. We went through the Jewish Quarters, the Christian Quarters, and Old town. We saw Schindler’s factory and the guide told us about his life, and we also biked across the love bridge, where people lock padlocks on the fence and throw the key into the river. This is supposed to maintain their love, as long as the padlocks are locked.

English: Bernatek foot-bridge (padlocks),Krako...

Love Bridge

There was an annoying man in the tour with us, who wore an orange shirt, and had big, long black socks. The first annoying thing he did was interrupt the guide, quite badly, to ask a question the guide was about to answer. The man kept int interrupting to add facts to what the guide was saying, say his opinion about stuff, and so on. He also knocked over an ash tray at the restaurant we stopped at then said, “It’s OK, I’m loud.”, he let his bike fall over in the middle of the guides talking, had to be asked to take his hat off in a church by the priest, and swerved in front of me on his bike.


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