Lake Plitvice National Park

Two days ago we took a trip (3 hour drive from where we are currently) to Lake Plitvice [plîtʋitse] National Park, Croatia, the oldest and largest National Park in Southeast Europe. It was founded in 1949 and is 73,350 square acres. This beautiful park is filled with crystal clear lakes and ponds, inhabited by hundreds of large fish, and thundering waterfalls. We stayed in a hotel inside the park, so we spent most of the last two days hiking through the park. We also rented bikes, but that didn’t last too long because they aren’t allowed in the park. There is also a ferry that we took across one lake. It was quite slow, and I think it was electric (to save the super clear water). We saw Croatia’s tallest waterfall, 78 meters high.

The hotel had a play structure area that Willem and I played on, and they also had ping-pong and other games. We ran around the plaything while our dad chucked rotten apples at us, and also kicked a soccer ball at us. On our way back from the park, we found some house ruins that Willem, Kevin and I explored for a bit.

Yes, this picture is what the real park looks like!

This is the playground at the hotel:

Clear water!

I suggest looking at pictures of the park, and you can learn more about it here!