january summer

We’ve exeeded our data cap twice now + are limited until the end of the month.  My home away from my current home away is the Foodbarn, ‘Deli by day, Tapas by night’, with free wifi. Their date, coconut, apricot, brandy muffins are worth getting fat for!


The house we are in now is the one we will be in for the longest – one whole month. Unfortunately, it stinks!  It’s a block away from the beach which has a lovely boardwalk that leads to a lighthouse + the edge of the southern section of Table Mountian National Park.  The sounds of the waves + salty sea breezes are very relaxing, but, the scent is often more than just a hint of salty sea.  Seaweed + other sealife washes in + stays in a shallow inlet creating a stench so offensive it seems possible that sewage washes out into the mix. I’ve seen kids swimming in that water, as well as dogs cavorting, having the time of their lives.

A few blocks away is Long Beach, known for its great surfing + its frigid water. I love watching the surfers + the boys enjoy playing in the sand on the beach. They braved the water for about a second. I’ve never seen anyone in the water for longer without a wet suit. The beach at Fish Hoek is a short drive away + has warmer water, as well as shark sightings! I hope the shark spotters are more diligent then the baboon monitors.

Willem was at the dining table in our house one afternoon + spotted a baboon on the fence. I headed out a bit later + saw some ‘baboon rangers’ armed with paint guns trying to scare him back up the mountain. Did you know: male baboons can have canine teeth as long as 2 inches – that’s longer than a lion’s!? The Vagabond Adventurers, a fabulously funky blog worth checking out (Bow Wow is almost as adorable as Carly), wrote an interesting post about baboons in Cape Town.


Last Sunday we went to a concert at the gorgeous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, an ideal setting for a summer evening concert. The weather was perfect. We saw the Parlotones, a super fun Johannesburg band that left the following morning to start their tour in LA.  They opened for Coldplay when they performed in CT + Joburg.


The boys + I went back one afternoon to further explore Kirstenbosch. We made a small dent in the over 528 hectares of garden featuring only indigenous South African plants. Table Mountain provides a stunning backdrop to proteas, restio, cycads, + of course fynbos. ‘The Cape Fynbos is a wonder of the world!’ We tried to hike at Silvermine one day, but it was too hot so we walked along the boardwalk around the dam. Fabulous fynbos! A few people were swimming + it looked heavenly. We’ll have to go back to hike + then have a refreshing swim.

I’ve been trying to upload more pics but it’s too slow. Since I started writing this post, Willem + I ventured to the surf shop a block from our house. We got him a wet suit + a boogie board. The guy at the shop will buy them back from us when we leave – happy deal for Willem! We discovered a cafe next door with free wifi + they specialize in marguerites – happy deal for me! We went to the library just two doors down + Aidan found a whole series of books he wants to read – happy deal for Aidan! Kevin walked a long way down the beach to see the remains of a ship that wrecked over 100 years ago. Now his leg hurts – not so happy Kevin.