Hello! This is Aidan and Willem. We’re here in Istanbul, Turkey. We’re staying right next to Galata Tower, a 66.90-meter tall tower, which looms over all of Istanbul. The tower was built in 1348, during the time of the Ottoman Empire. During a storm a long time ago, the top of the tower collapsed, and it remained that way for the rest of the Ottoman Empire’s reign. The tower has been restored (a lot) since then, and is now a large tourist attraction. Today, we decided to go up it, where we would have a good view of the city. On the ground floor, there was a gift shop that had a really cool journal that had the evil eye protector (which Willem posted on) on the cover. After an elevator ride and a spiral staircase, we came out to the very narrow balcony that encircles the top of the tower. It took along time to squeeze our way around. But, we got to see an outstanding view of a billion mosques, some bridges, boats and many other things. Afterwards, we walked a long walk along a road that we call the happy road, because it has lots of shops with funny little toys and candy, etc. Along our walk, we came onto a very, very crowded road that took us a very long time to get through, and we finally got to a Nike store.

Also, in this area, we’ve seen tons of stray cats and dogs. There’s one dog that sleeps by our apartment that is very, very old and ill. We offered him some sausage, but he didn’t eat it. On our walk, we saw a kitten as big as Aidan’s hand.

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