Hi everyone,

We’re here in Iceland, and it’s Â₩€$0M€! The ocean is super blue, and there’s really cool caves, mountains, glaciers, and geomorphic designs made by water and lava. There is lots of sheep, but tons of them get out of they’re pastures and roam freely.

In this picture, you can see my grandpa on the rocks

We flew from Seattle to Reykjavik, and met my grandparents. From Reykjavik we all drove to this tiny town by the sea called Hellnar. We are all sharing a cozy little cabin that has a great view of the ocean.

While we were driving from Hellnar to Reykjavik, there were some strange and irritating things. There was an underwater tunnel that was 6 kilometers long and took 4 minuets and 53 seconds to drive through! And there is also a round-a-bout every 450 meters when you’re near cities. It’s quite annoying. On the way, we tried to listen to Icelandic radio. I found a hilarious station that has kids songs. Here’s a sample:

Song from radio.

After Hellnar, we drove back to Reykjavik, where we stayed in a large comfortable house that had a very secret room. The entrance to the room was a wardrobe. And inside the wardrobe was the room. There was writing on the ceiling. And guess what it said!

Velkomin á Narnia


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