hrvatska aka croatia

We’re leaving Croatia today and heading to Venice. Croatia is such a beautiful country. From its island laced craggy coastland to super dense forests (that shelter bear and wolves), it offers a lot of diversity. On our drive to Lake Plitvice, we drove through the coastal port city Rijeka. Both days on our way coming and going it was gray and overcast, but even the brightest sunrays couldn’t add any sparkle to what could be the ugliest city. Several tall boxy buildings constructed in communist times dominate the view towards the Adriatic from the highway. The surrounding hills are covered in buildings that are shorter and of similar style, or rather anti-style. It is the armpit of Croatia. It lies along the coast in the bend connecting Istria to the mainland, as does Opatija, which is referred to as the Croatian Riviera.

Lake Plitvice on the other hand, is unbelievably stunning. Kevin hiked in the morning while the boys and I rode bikes. We ended up ditching our bikes and taking the ferry across the lake to hike around where we just happened to run into Kevin. He took the boys back by ferry and I hiked back. I enjoyed not having a camera. I never would have been able to capture any image that could do reality justice. I just enjoyed being in its wonder. I saw a man on the ferry with serious photog equipment and later saw him squatting waiting to get his shot without tourists. His pleasant looking wife just stood by patiently. His work must be good, or they are not married. Anyway, good pics can be found online.

Well, we’ll be on our way soon.  We plan to visit a Slovenian cave in route.  More from soon    from Italy!