Horses in Ostuni

This is Aidan and Willem, doing a homework post together. On August 26, we went to Ostuni, Italy to see the procession of St. Oronzo. The town of Ostuni looked like it has been in several wars. It was ruined: the buildings looked like they were scratched by some crazy monster. There was a hole in the ground with ruins at the bottom. The procession included  a bunch of people riding horses that are all dressed in fancy red and gold outfits. The horses were kind of out of control; walking backwards, not moving at all, and even walking sideways. It was quite hilarious watching these two ladies in a carriage pulled by a horse that was going crazy. They would smile at the crowd then make nervous glances at the horse then look back, but not so happy looking. The riders of the horses are called ‘Cavalcata’. The square we were in had lots of beautiful and colorful lights on the buildings, ruins, and a statue of St. Oronzo.

The island we are currently on is famous for Moreska, a traditional sword dance and drama, brought to Korcula in the 16th century from Spain. The story takes place between the 12th and 13th centuries. Part of the dance includes a reenactment of a battle between the soldiers of the White and Black King. We will get to see this tonight.

~Aidan & Willem