happy new year!

We are now in Noordhoek, an area of Cape Town on the west coast of the Cape Peninsula. Yesterday we went to Boulders Bay to see a colony of African Penguins. In 1982, two mating pairs of penguins settled in this area of False Bay and now the colony numbers around 3000.


It was an extremely windy day, as was the night before. Our New’s Year Eve was rather uneventful. The boys tired to add some festive flare with sparklers but it was too windy. WIllem wasn’t feeling well + threw up as the highlight to the end of 2012. I laid awake most of the night/morning listening to the wind + incessant African drumming from afar + worried that Willem had malaria. By morning, he had fully recoverd + the drumming ceased — although I think I hear it now… perhaps it’s just trapped in my head!

The house we’re in now is on Lake Michelle, close to the Atlantic with views of Chapman’s Peak.  There’s a a jetty off our back yard + there’s a little row/sailing boat.  A great variety of birds are in this area including a gaggle of geese + a flock of ducks that frequent + poop on our jetty.





We haven’t done much exploring yet.  Just hanging out in our secure area where there’s great walking trails around the lake/through the marsh, a play structure + grassy area to play frisbee.  There’s a Cluedo game here that has also kept us occupied.  Cluedo is just like the game Clue, except Mr Green is Rev Green, the knife is a dagger, + the wrench is spanner.

It’s a beautiful area where there’s gorgeous mountains, beaches, horses, and a cute little village with good eats such as, the Foodbarn + the Toad in the Village, where you read Toad’s story + view photos of his adventures.  What’s not to love!?


Books –  Disgrace: A Novel by JM Coetzee and Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa by Dr Dambisa Moyo

All I can say is I’m in need of a good funny fun read!