farm, butterflies + crime

The other day we ventured back to the wine country + visited Babylonstoren, one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms. I’d love to have the chance to come back here someday when it’s not so hot + there are no boys in tow. I’d stay at the hotel + visit the spa, maybe just take up residence.

snakepeachesAfterlunch + a short stroll through farm gardens, we went to Butterfly World. Like Bird World, Butterfly World is not limited to butterflies. It features creatures that also like hot + humid such as tropical birds, iguanas, crazy hair guinea pigs.


Mostly we’ve been staying close to ‘home’. Horseback riding + tutoring have provided a bit of a schedule as well as the humbling realization that riding a horse + trigonometry aren’t like riding a bike – oh, I can’t even recall the expression!

Relaxing on the beach + watching Willem in the water with a baby seal, all the surfers, the people photographing the surfers, the dogs….wishing I could live this carefree forever by a beach with my dog…someone stole my backpack while it was right next to me!

At the police station, the constable who was going to fill out a case report took at least ten minutes to gather up the forms + find his pen that was in his shirt pocket. I have no hope that I will ever again see my backpack, iphone, credit cards,…or any justice. It was an exasperating but somewhat entertaining experience. Frustrating to have to get new credit cards while traveling but fortunately we have other cards in the meantime. CT + all of ZA are well known for a high rate of crime + violent not just petty crimes. We’ve been lucky, so far, that we haven’t been mugged. Less then a week ago to go here + we’re all ready to move on!