Farewell Prague

Sunday we took a taxi to the airport so we could rent a car.  This will be our mode of transportation until we fly from Budaspest to Bari the last week of August.  Our taxi driver warned us that Czech drivers are homicidal maniacs.  The driver that brought us to Prague last Sunday explained that speed limits are not posted.  If pulled over, the police will ask for high fines to be paid directly to them on the spot.  He advised that we can and should negotiate the fee down.  We’re hoping to avoid that type of education while traveling.

We managed to find our way to Kutná Hora and Sedlec, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites about 100km east of Prague.  We saw the massive Saint Barbara’s Church as we drove around Kutná Hora looking for a place to get lunch.  We then found the Sedlec Ossuary, the purpose for our round-about journey.  Some guy, an abbot from Sedlec, long ago brought some earth back from the place where Jesus was crucified.  He sprinkled it over the abbey cementary, thus greatly increasing the desire for people to be buried there.  Then the Black Death greatly increased the number of dead…and so, many years, many skeletons. In 1871 a bigwig Bohemian family hired František Rint to put the heaps of bones in order.  Wondered if this is what they had in mind?

Without incident, we headed north and found our way to Turnov, our home for the next week.  Here’s some pictures I took along the drive. We are staying on a sort of family compound.  The family we are renting from lives here in one house with their two small kids, his brother in another, and his father lives here too.  The boys have enjoyed playing with cats, dogs, frogs and crickets.  I thought it would be nice to get to the country and away from the loud cities.  It’s a different din.  Roosters don’t just crow at sunrise!  Mad moos, barking dogs…all the town dogs were riled up by a hot air ballon that drifted above the peaceful countryside.  We were told the town was going to turn of the power from 8a-4p on Monday, so we whiled away the day without electricity.  I read an excellent memoir, Farewell to Prague.