Curtain Fig Tree

On Thursday, we took a long long drive into the rain forest to the west of Cairns.  Along the drive we stopped near Yungaburra at a famous fig tree (of the species Ficus virens, if you are keeping track); it is a strangler fig tree.  This type of fig starts as a seed on a host tree, then extends roots to the forest floor and then proceeds to strangle it’s host.  This particular host tree fell over against an adjacent tree and the two are both now enmeshed within the fig’s root system.

We then proceeded through Forty Mile Scrub National Park where we had our first live wild kangaroo sighting (not counting road kill) on our way to Undara Volcanic National Park, where we took at quick walk through the bush and volcanic landscape.  We saw several troops of kangaroos, including several joeys.  You may be interested to know that male kangaroos are called boomers and females fliers… so there you are.

We stopped at the Curtain Fig in the dark on the way back home hoping to see some tree kangaroos or other nocturnal life, but all we saw were fireflies.  The kids had fun catching a few.