Current reading lists and homework.

We continue to make good use of our Kindles and the Kindle apps on our iDevices. As we didn’t want to have to haul books around with us given our limited luggage space, we really didn’t have a choice. Fortunately, I’ve found a variety of good resources to help find age-appropriate reading material for the kids. There are a number of teachers and libraries that have published lists and study guides that we can access online for free.

Before we left, I also signed up for library cards for both the Seattle and King County library systems, so I can download eBooks when they are in one of the library collections. However, I have found the selection of children and young-adult eBooks at the libraries rather limited so I have also been purchasing some Kindle books from Amazon. Some of these titles the kids have had exposure to before (e.g., read to them, seen a movie, or read in class), but we’re discussing them together and getting some new angles on interpretations. I’ve been reading most of these alongside them so we can share our observations together.

For Aidan (7th grade) we’ve read or are reading: The Outsiders, Mockingbird (Willem will read this too), The Breadwinner (Willem will read this too), and China’s Son.

Willem (4th grade) recently read Number the Stars, just finished The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and is starting The Phantom Tollbooth.









They both mix it up with some books for fun too. Willem’s favorite-to-date is The Lost Hero, and Aidan’s is Behemoth. Since we left Seattle, we’ve watched very little TV (just a sliver of the Olympics) and since Netflix doesn’t work well overseas we’ve not watched many movies either. It’s nice they have both developed a passion for reading… voluntarily or not.

Both boys spend part of their morning working on math. We are using two programs, Singapore Math – a workbook based curriculum and ALEKS, an online program. While some days the teachers get more worn out than on others (as my sister-in-law warned), I think both boys are progressing well.

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