Yesterday we went to a restaurant named I KLITU and there was a pig on a spit, which is a metal bar with a dead pig on it and a guy with a funny hat (checkered red, white, and blue) that waves to get people to come in. Here’s a picture of the restaurant during the day.

There also was a tiny kitten in the restaurant that was so small it could fit in a cup! A few days before, we went to the same place when it was raining, and the floor flooded, and the kitten pounced on the water that was flowing in.

I had a famous sausage called Ćevapčići with a special sauce. Lots of countries claim they invented it, and I looked it up on Wikipedia; it originated in the Balkans, which includes Croatia. But it still is really tasty!!!!!











My favorite cat on the trip was at this same restaurant he is a cute little furry kitten that was always there. He didn’t have slits but huge cute round eyes that are so cute you can’t resist them. By the way I’m in Flengi Croatia.

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Slovenian Cave! (we’re back in Italy)

Here we are in Venice, Italy. On our way here from Croatia, we stopped at a cave called Skocjan Cave, in Slovenia.

When we first arrived to the caves, we ate lunch at a snack bar. While we were eating, we heard a loud vroom from what sounded like a fancy motorcycle. Then we heard another one, and soon another, so we went to investigate. We made our way through a crowd of onlookers, and what they were looking at was an endless line of a bunch of different models of Ferraris. We eventually found out it was a Ferrari Club from Italy. The official name is Ferrari Club Italia. The cars all parked in the cave parking lot and their owners came to eat lunch. We kept talking about the cars, so our Mom said she would charge us $10 every time we said Ferrari again, but that’s over now.

Along with a massive crowd of Ferrari owners, and a few other people, we walked a short distance to the cave entrance. They talked for a while and kept switching languages, and then an English/Slovenian tour guide brought us into the cave. It started out as a man-made tunnel, but then it connected with the natural cave. These caves were part of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) natural and cultural world heritage sites list in 1986. Then, in 1999 it was added to the list of wetland sites. The caves were created by the Reka River, which flows from Vela voda, a region/town in Croatia, then through the cave, and out into the Timavo River in Italy. Studies show that parts of it go out to the Adriatic coastline. The caves are made up of natural bridges, funnel shaped basins (otherwise known as dolines) and sinkholes. There was one huge chamber we went through and way below us, there was the river. The guide explained that the almost the whole chamber flooded 108 meters high in 1965 from rainwater. In 1826, it flooded even higher, 128 meters.

In the cave, there were bats and other small creatures that we didn’t see, (and we didn’t really want to see them, either) like worms and shrimp things. The guide explained how in the wintertime, the bats flew farther in the cave. The guide pointed her flashlight up at the celling and we saw the bats darting around. Janell didn’t really like it, and everyone laughed when Kevin tickled her back and she screamed. When we got out, we continued our journey to Venice, which we think is beautiful.

~aidan and willem

We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the cave tour, so here is one taken by the cave organization:

The Flight from Rome to Athens

When we got our luggage we dragged our bags to the train station platform #25 because that was what their website said. We waited there for about ten minutes then figured out that we had to be at platform #24 we scurried down to the readied train doors that had just closed and we had to wait 16 minutes for another train to arrive. We got on the train as a man in a green jumpsuit gathered gross trash. I read on the 30-minute train ride, as we got off people shoved and pushed to get in the airport and I just stood there and finally clambered into the giant room.

We pulled our suitcases up the escalator to the check in and drop off we waited in that line for about 40 minutes and moved on to the next place: THE SECURITY. Surprisingly the line wasn’t long and took about 5 minutes. we finally got to the boarding area and read for 10 minutes then boarded and sat for 10 minutes then drove for 10 minutes while reading and then 10 minutes later we turned off our kindles and took off and then read for 2 hours. Whew.  We got off at 9:30pm, took a 20 minute taxi ride than got us to our destination. That probably all took 131 minutes. Now we are in Athens.


Bad luck Turkey

The past week we all have had bad bad luck.

  1. In Uçhisar, Aidan and I were taking a walk down to the woods when a pack of 8 angry dogs started barking. Aidan said ‘we should go back’ so we trotted back the way we came. Two dogs started running, and I looked back to see them 50 yards away, then looked back again to see them right at our heels! We ran for our lives, literally, our lives. I was running the opposite way as Aidan, he went up, I went down. I almost fell but caught myself with my right foot. The dogs finally went away and I just stood there thinking that I could’ve been mauled.
  2. Not only did we almost get mauled by dogs, but we missed our plane by one day (we thought we were leaving on Sunday, but we were supposed to leave on Saturday). I woke early Sunday morning and did some math, ate breakfast, played a computer game, waited, waited, and we finally figured out that we missed our flight. You would think that was it, but no, we had to schedule a new flight, pay new money, get through the airport and finally again we were on the plane to Istanbul, which used to be called “Constantinople.”
  3. A car crash.  You would think we would be done with trouble, but no, when we got on the airport shuttle in Istanbul, I pulled out my kindle and read (we did this in no light no head rest and no space). What could get worse? I knew, a car crash. But that could never happen, or could it? When we stopped for the drivers to switch I can’t remember what time they switched but I can remember that it was dark. We were zooming in and out of traffic and suddenly we abruptly stopped, no we didn’t stop, we crashed! I hit my head hard on the seat in front of me (which hurt). OK that’s it, thanks for reading… just kidding!
  4. Me and dad were eating dinner, (I had pizza and Fanta) and when dad pulled his seat out (what he thought was his seat) and found a snoring cat, that reminded me of Garfield. (Big, orange with stripes, and when you poked him he didn’t move) so I sat across from dad and the cat on my right, but that doesn’t matter. Mom hurried in and said, ‘I think I left my back pack in the taxi we took after the shuttle. And it has my iPad 3, credit cards, and iPhone!’ That’s where our bad luck ends.

Thank you for reading by the way, we’ve passed 12 black cats and dad spilled some salt. Miss the evil eye.




Hello! This is Aidan and Willem. We’re here in Istanbul, Turkey. We’re staying right next to Galata Tower, a 66.90-meter tall tower, which looms over all of Istanbul. The tower was built in 1348, during the time of the Ottoman Empire. During a storm a long time ago, the top of the tower collapsed, and it remained that way for the rest of the Ottoman Empire’s reign. The tower has been restored (a lot) since then, and is now a large tourist attraction. Today, we decided to go up it, where we would have a good view of the city. On the ground floor, there was a gift shop that had a really cool journal that had the evil eye protector (which Willem posted on) on the cover. After an elevator ride and a spiral staircase, we came out to the very narrow balcony that encircles the top of the tower. It took along time to squeeze our way around. But, we got to see an outstanding view of a billion mosques, some bridges, boats and many other things. Afterwards, we walked a long walk along a road that we call the happy road, because it has lots of shops with funny little toys and candy, etc. Along our walk, we came onto a very, very crowded road that took us a very long time to get through, and we finally got to a Nike store.

Also, in this area, we’ve seen tons of stray cats and dogs. There’s one dog that sleeps by our apartment that is very, very old and ill. We offered him some sausage, but he didn’t eat it. On our walk, we saw a kitten as big as Aidan’s hand.

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