This morning

This morning I woke up ran down the stairs and sat in the rocking chair waiting for my dad to come down as he hustled down I stood up and searched for the keys witch were on the table I tossed them up they landed in my hand as i walked over to get my coat and shoes to go to the cafe and market we sprinted to the other side of the street and found that the market was closed so we just went to the cafe and bought two chocolate croissant and one apple something then we slowly walked home early


The End?


Rock Pictures

Today we did allot of hiking in the countryside of Prague and when we left the farm I knew it would be an awesome day. After leaving the barking dogs and purring cats and crowing roosters I almost didn’t want to leave, but when we got to the rocks I was amazed. Besedické scaly is the name of the area. The beautiful view of the small village (Besedice) made me hyper and I had to sit down and rest. If you were up there you’d be taking plentiful pictures.

I couldn’t help myself from not taking pictures. So here they are.

This a nice and mossy place to rest.

Don’t carve in the chair.

This is my favorite one. Crack of life.

trumpit trimph

Every hour in Krakow town square trumpets sound out from the church windows.

one at a time the trumpet players stick their trumpet’s out of three different windows of the church. It is a beautiful sound with a high pitch note at the end, but sometimes it can be a bit annoying.

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Budapest Zoo!

While here in Budapest, we decided to go to the zoo!

There we saw:

Penguins, polar bears, camels, alligators, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, tigers, hyenas, monkeys, sloths (which we got to pet), bats, and tons of colorful birds of all size. There were exhibits of all of the continents, minus Antarctica, that had many different animals from those places. This zoo had SO many animals; we only listed a small number, and we only saw part of the zoo. One thing that wasn’t so great was that the animals habitats were far less natural looking than Woodland Park Zoo, and other zoos that we’ve been to.

We thought this looked like something from a Dr. Suess book

The bilding in the background is the Indian part of the zoo

We got to pet these camels!

Horses in Ostuni

This is Aidan and Willem, doing a homework post together. On August 26, we went to Ostuni, Italy to see the procession of St. Oronzo. The town of Ostuni looked like it has been in several wars. It was ruined: the buildings looked like they were scratched by some crazy monster. There was a hole in the ground with ruins at the bottom. The procession included  a bunch of people riding horses that are all dressed in fancy red and gold outfits. The horses were kind of out of control; walking backwards, not moving at all, and even walking sideways. It was quite hilarious watching these two ladies in a carriage pulled by a horse that was going crazy. They would smile at the crowd then make nervous glances at the horse then look back, but not so happy looking. The riders of the horses are called ‘Cavalcata’. The square we were in had lots of beautiful and colorful lights on the buildings, ruins, and a statue of St. Oronzo.

The island we are currently on is famous for Moreska, a traditional sword dance and drama, brought to Korcula in the 16th century from Spain. The story takes place between the 12th and 13th centuries. Part of the dance includes a reenactment of a battle between the soldiers of the White and Black King. We will get to see this tonight.

~Aidan & Willem