­­­­­            Hi! This is Aidan. Yesterday we flew from Cappadocia to Istanbul, Turkey. We stayed in a very cozy hotel that was on one of Cappadocia’s many rock formations. Cappadocia was very cold, and also the coldest place we’ve been.

Our hotel served a buffet breakfast, which was very yummy. We ate there every morning while we were in Cappadocia.

After breakfast on the first day, Willem and I went on a walk alone down a big hill to a nice looking forest. On our way, we met a big pack of wild dogs that decided to chase and bark at us all the way back up the long hill. We didn’t recover from running for our lives until almost an hour later

After that scary adventure, we rented a car and drove around the area for a while. We got to see many different houses that are inside what look like huge stalagmites. Just one of these houses could have been a very popular tourist site, but many of them are completely abandoned.

We still had the car for another day so after breakfast and homework, we drove to a different part of Cappadocia, where we saw lots of amazing things.

The next morning, we did lots of homework, and then Willem my dad and I went on a similar walk to the one Willem and I did before. On the hill, we met a bunch of tiny, hopeless and extremely cute puppies. Some dog that might have been the mom started barking at us, and Willem got scared so he went back. My dad had a large stick that would protect us from wild dogs, and I had a rubber tube that I could use like a whip. So we walked around the wilderness for a long time and explored some houses built into cliffs. We got back to find Willem worrying about us because he didn’t think we would be gone that long.

Next day, we just relaxed and sat around at the hotel. To late we realized that we were supposed to fly to Istanbul, so we took a shuttle to the airport. After sitting in the airport for a few hours, and going through two security checks, we got on our plane. In Istanbul we took a very odd shuttle ride to our apartment. This included smashing into another car while trying to run a red light.

So, here we are (safely, in a way)!


P.S. (On the way I read the book by John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men. I won’t give anything away, but this was the saddest book I’ve read.)

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