Bohemian Paradise Adventure

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Bohemian Paradise

Enhanced by ZemantaYesterday we went out and explored the land surrounding Turnov, which is called the  Bohemian Paradise, a beautiful, protected part of the Czech countryside. It used to be covered by water a really long time ago, so it has many amazing rock formations, which we looked at in the previous days. We went on a long hike through the forest, and saw even more shaped boulders. One had some lines carved into it, and a sign said that it was caused by inappropriately placed climbing ropes. But then we gave up on the hike when the path went along a railroad, and then just ended. So we walked back and then drove to a really cool castle called Trosky Castle. The castle was built on top of two tall columns of basalt in the 14th century. We had dinner at a restaurant that had a great view of it. There was a trampoline at the restaurant that Willem and I jumped on before the food came. There were these kite surfing things that had fans on the back that came and circled around the castle a few times. A glider also came. When we were coming back home, we stopped at a grocery store. When my dad was leaving the parking lot, he bumped into another car with our rental car, which got some scratches, along with the bumper of the other car. So then, we just drove away.

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Trosky Castle

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English: Trosky Castle, Czech Republic.

Trosky Castle