Bad luck Turkey

The past week we all have had bad bad luck.

  1. In Uçhisar, Aidan and I were taking a walk down to the woods when a pack of 8 angry dogs started barking. Aidan said ‘we should go back’ so we trotted back the way we came. Two dogs started running, and I looked back to see them 50 yards away, then looked back again to see them right at our heels! We ran for our lives, literally, our lives. I was running the opposite way as Aidan, he went up, I went down. I almost fell but caught myself with my right foot. The dogs finally went away and I just stood there thinking that I could’ve been mauled.
  2. Not only did we almost get mauled by dogs, but we missed our plane by one day (we thought we were leaving on Sunday, but we were supposed to leave on Saturday). I woke early Sunday morning and did some math, ate breakfast, played a computer game, waited, waited, and we finally figured out that we missed our flight. You would think that was it, but no, we had to schedule a new flight, pay new money, get through the airport and finally again we were on the plane to Istanbul, which used to be called “Constantinople.”
  3. A car crash.  You would think we would be done with trouble, but no, when we got on the airport shuttle in Istanbul, I pulled out my kindle and read (we did this in no light no head rest and no space). What could get worse? I knew, a car crash. But that could never happen, or could it? When we stopped for the drivers to switch I can’t remember what time they switched but I can remember that it was dark. We were zooming in and out of traffic and suddenly we abruptly stopped, no we didn’t stop, we crashed! I hit my head hard on the seat in front of me (which hurt). OK that’s it, thanks for reading… just kidding!
  4. Me and dad were eating dinner, (I had pizza and Fanta) and when dad pulled his seat out (what he thought was his seat) and found a snoring cat, that reminded me of Garfield. (Big, orange with stripes, and when you poked him he didn’t move) so I sat across from dad and the cat on my right, but that doesn’t matter. Mom hurried in and said, ‘I think I left my back pack in the taxi we took after the shuttle. And it has my iPad 3, credit cards, and iPhone!’ That’s where our bad luck ends.

Thank you for reading by the way, we’ve passed 12 black cats and dad spilled some salt. Miss the evil eye.