Around most of Europe in 80 days.

At Aidan’s suggestion and using my admittedly limited Photoshop skills, I’ve identified the countries we’ve visited since we left Seattle on July 8 (in pink below).

While it seems like a lot to us, in comparison with the globe, it looks pretty paltry.

After messing around with Photoshop as long as I did with mediocre results, I was somewhat chagrined to find a “visited countries” mapping tool here with which I replicated the exercise in about 1 minute. Someone else has built a Word Press plug in using this tool and I installed it without any issues.  Aidan now tells me that he had suggested this at the beginning… oh well.

You can see the result here and it will be constantly available and updated at the “Where have we been?” link in the menu bar above.  I will monkey with the colors at some point, I’m not crazy about the look as it stands.

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