And we’re back! (with wi-fi)

In Italy, we stayed in a Trulli, which is a house with a stone roof in the shape of a cone. The first day there, we searched for Wi-Fi for an hour and a half, because there wasn’t any connection in our Trulli. In that time, I read Animal Farm and most of Ender’s Game. One night when we got back from dinner, (which was very late because they start dinner here around 10:00) the landlord was having a party, and they let us join. There were two kids there that were around our age that wanted to play with us, so we agreed. The older one knew a tiny bit of English, but not much. But still, we had a blast. We played soccer, basketball, threw a Frisbee, climbed on the Trulli, and even played games on our iPhones. We drove to two beaches, one on the Ionian Sea, one on the Adriatic. I personally liked the One on the Ionian better because it was less crowded. Also, at the other one, I got TONS of looks, probably because I was one of the palest people there, and the only blonde person. One guy ran into my lounge chair while looking at me, and kept watching as he walked away.

Today, we are going to travel on a ferry from Italy to Croatia. They told us to be there two hours ahead of boarding time, which was 12:00 pm, so we got up at 7:30, packed, and left right on time. Everything was going perfectly. Too perfectly. The driving here in Italy is completely chaotic. People just go where they want to go, and don’t care about the rules, or their safety. People run red lights. They block intersections. Park in the road. Honk no matter what is going on. The roads are also super narrow. So, of course, we were 40 minuets late to the ferry. But, the ferry was delayed, so we sat in the loading area two hours, then when we got on the boat, something happened and we ended up waiting three hours on the boat. This doesn’t even sound that bad, but the ride is seven hours. We were supposed to get there at 7:30 pm, but we’re now going to get there at 10:30, and we have to find where the house is, actually get there (which is much harder for us then you would think), and finally (I mean hopefully), we will settle down.

P.S. I wrote this on the ferry at 7:00, with 3 and a half hours to go. You can imagine how annoyed we are; we’ve been on a boat in a tiny cabin for 6 hours and have 3.5 to go.

Pictures from the ferry: