Here’s some photos of where we are staying Prague.  We are close to the Vltava River between Staré Město (Old Town) and Nové Město (New Town).

Yesterday we headed out early and had a lovely breakfast at the very elegant Café Savoy. Nice of the NY Times to review it today in their article 36 Hours in Prague.  The ceiling, which was wisely covered by the owner in order to protect it from the Nazis and Communists, is just one example of the many incredibly intricate details you can see it this city. The cafe also boosts the most extensive and expensive lists (a whole menu actually) of white teas I’ve ever seen.  I opted for their special latte with cinnamon and sugar though and had no regrets.

We then hiked up to the Castle Quarter (Hradčany) to see the Prague Castle that looms above Prague.  It is the Gothic spires of the Saint Vitus Cathedral that prominently stands out as you view up at the castle.  I was impressed by the tomb of St. John of Nepomuk made from over a ton of shiny silver – pretty modest for a martyr.

Saw many stained glass windows including the Art Nouveau window designed by the famous Czech artist, Alfons Mucha (Moo kah). Prague is a beautiful blend of many different styles.

We saw the changing of the guards at noon which is more ceremonious than at other hours.  That’s a hot and boring job. The boys were inspired though and are my guards at the gate when we leave our apartment building.

There wasn’t too much to see at the Old Royal Palace.  Hopefully one of the boys will post about defenestration.  The vaulted ceiling in the vast hall is spectacular.  We quickly traipsed through the Basilica of St George, where lots of Czech royalty are buried, and the recently renovated Golden Lane, a cobbled-stone row of small houses along the castle wall.  At the end, we saw the dungeon with just a few small cells and torture devices at the bottom of Daliborka tower.  The boys ventured further down to see a pit of bones.